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Year 5 – Learning so far…..

15th September 2019 in Maths ( & STEM), Year 5

Y5 have been exploring how day and night occur.  They worked in teams, using a ball for the Earth and a torch for the Sun, to decide what was happening.

Y5 have also been thinking about what helps to make learning successful. After working in groups to decide on their best ideas, they built their own brick wall naming the resources they thought helped them best.
Seth made a Lego rocket for his home-learning.  He also wrote a diary entry about how he did it.  Great effort, Seth.
Y5 had an amazing journey through space during the visit from Explorer Dome.  They learnt about the North Star, the main planets, the Sun and even how the constellations have stories about them which were told by the Greeks.  They were spun into the stars as the Earth rotated about its axis which caused many a groan and whoa!
Everyone has also been enjoying  lots of reading…. keep up the great work Year 5.


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