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15th April 2020 in Uncategorized

Bonjour tout le monde!

As you were becoming such fantastic linguists, I’ve put together some French activities for you so you can continue with your French learning at home.
I will post weekly activities based on what we have already learnt in school as well as an extra weekly challenge!
This week, the activities are based on the numbers 1-30. Try to practise them as often as you can. Maybe try counting in French instead of English when playing a game or other times when you need to count at home. There is a word search and a crossword that you can print out depending on which you’d rather do as well as a vocabulary sheet with the English and French numbers 1-30. Here’s a link to the numbers song we have listened to too.
The extra challenge this week is to teach one of the 2 songs I have posted to a member of your family! Maybe you could film it and send it back to school? on Year4homelearning@threemilestone.cornwall.sch.uk
If you really want to extend your French learning you could try downloading the free Duolingo app. I’ve been using the free version and it’s really good fun.
French_numbers_1 to 30
Vocabulary list numbers 1 to 30
French_numbers_130 wordsearch
À bientôt
Miss Hilbery

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